Friday, September 4, 2015

Mopar Muscle Feature

 photo IMG_3898_zpspz4hmq9a.jpg We're pretty honored to get a feature article in the November issue of Mopar Muscle mag. This spread was shot on location in the Las Vegas desert by the very talented photographer John Machaquiero. He is a master at his trade and gave me a new respect for the profession as he "light painted" the shots after dark. The article was penned by our altered wheelbase mentor Steve Magnante and it was fun being able to chat with him about the build and general bullshit. He's a pretty great guy and doesn't give off any celebrity vibe whatsoever, which is good. When it comes down to it he is just a hot rodder like us who happens to be in the lime light. Anyways, he did the article justice and although we aren't the the type of guys who chase fame, we'll take it where we can get it if it inspires other people to built cool and interesting rides based on an idea and not a lot of cash.  photo IMG_3899_zpsxjzitghr.jpg  photo IMG_3897_zps88t2vx7e.jpg