Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fender-Wells & Fresh Air

It's hard to show progress on the many hours of block sanding that have gone into this project but it'll all be worth it when there's shiny paint down. We managed to score a set of Hooker "Super Comp" fender-well headers this week from our good friend Handsome Paul. Thanks Paul.

They are meant for a later B-body but we had no reservations about hacking away more tin to make these beautys fit. They also sound wicked compared to the old under car headers, which really have no place on an altered wheelbase car. We also started prepping our hood for surgery which meant that I got to drive the car out into the yard and out of the paint booth. It was great to be able to hop in and flash the beast to life and drive it around some. Nothing really to see on the hood front but we managed to eradicate all of the factory bracing and we will be cutting a large hole in the middle to accommodate the Max Wedge scoop. We're getting closer to wheels up action. All we have to do now is stop breaking our other race car and we can really make some headway.