Saturday, May 30, 2015

We'll Take Some Fame

It always surprises me when something goes to print without doing at least some fact checking with the people to whom the article is about. Case in point. The people from Mopar Collectors Guide did a 15 minute photo shoot on the car while we were in Vegas followed up by a 20 minute phone interview and we never heard from them again. Consequently, the article on our team and car in this month's MCG is peppered with a the odd inaccuracies. Oh well, we'll take the free press where we can get it, who am I to complain. In comparison Mopar Muscle magazine did a 6 1/2 hour photo shoot that same weekend with a photographer that was specifically flown in from Philly to shoot our car and there was a six page info sheet that we needed to fill out as well as several back and forth emails and phone conversations with Steve Magnante who is penning the article. He then sent me a rough draft to proof and correct as needed. Now that's pro and that feature will be kick-ass. This one is pretty good.  photo 864c2299-0ac1-453b-a5a1-1da26db12018_zps1wzsfuwv.jpg