Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tens At Last!!

Last weekend we ventured down to Mission Raceway for the annual Langley Loafers Old Time Drags. (There's actually one in June at Ashcroft Raceway as well)In preparation for this and many races to come, Chris and I decided that it was time to get our shit together and have a torque converter built that suits our combo. So we set the team at TCS to work and they came up with something designed for our horsepower, weight and over-all strangeness of an altered wheelbase wagon. While we had the transmission out we decided to freshen up the old pushbutton 727 since it rarely get's treated very nice. Our class in Mission is based on Gasser and straight axle cars called "Nostalgia Gas" and over the past few years it has been pretty spotty at best with really low car counts. This year we were happy to see 17 cars in the field which really made for some exciting and competitive racing. We bounced around the 11.00 mark for all of Saturdays qualifying rounds but Sunday was another story. With a cool air first (and only) qualifying pass of the morning I nailed a good light and sent the front of the car skyward, hitting buttons on the money for a really clean, solid pass. The end result was a 10.98 @ 119mph!!! our first ever time slip with a ten on it and thank Christ since we were really getting sick of telling people that we race in the 11s. We dialed a 10.99 for the day and ran consistent 11.02 and 11.03s to get us handily through the pack of "Nostalgia Gas" only to get "tree'd" in the final round by Randy (?) in his (set-to-kill) '55 Chevy. That's how it goes and we we're happy to get runner up with a trophy and a cheque to put towards the diesel bill for hauling home. Another phenomenal weekend at the track with good friends, old records and Swing Bike rodeo with a dash of drag racing thrown in for good measure.