Monday, February 27, 2012

Clean Machine

When we first planned our engine compartment layout we were initially using under-car headers, mostly because we had them. When we got these slick Hooker super comp fender wells from our buddy everything changed, or rather had to be changed. Wires and fuel lines were interfering with the hot tubes on the passenger side and brake lines and line lock on the drivers side. The only solution was to pretty much do it again but this time around I decided to really take my time and make everything look tight and organized as well as having lots of header clearance. The end result speaks for itself in it's functional yet esthetically pleasing look.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Cushions

We finally broke down and ordered up a set of these beautiful Super Cushion front runners. Cody Adams of Hurst racing has been really helpful in setting this car up with period looking boots. Also a  huge shout out to Cory Sokol from Nelson Kal Tire for sponsoring our insatiable rubber addiction and continuing to listen to my repetitious stories as we stumble around the shop. We had to clearance the lower fender and bumper to avoid an interference fit but it looks bad-ass as ever.

Can we go racing yet?