Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh So Shiny

 Holy crap it's been a long time coming but we finally got the car in paint. Time seemed to stand still working up to the final hours before primer, then everything went pretty much like clock work as we began to spray. Once the colour and clear were down we then had to colour sand and polish the shiny yet dimpled surface which also seemed to take forever. Well it's done now and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

 We fired the windshield and driver's seat in today and pulled it out into the daylight. You probably can't notice in the pictures with Chris and I but we're grinning from ear to ear like we just ate a whole box of pot cookies. Next on the agenda is to set up the drive shaft and front end angles, set the alignment and truck the car back to my shop for reassembly. Putting shiny parts back on the car is always the most exciting part of any build. The metamorphosis from scrap parts to shiny race car has been an amazing transformation. In case you haven't been following this build from the beginning, we just passed our one year mark since this project began. Pretty freakin' good if you ask me. Now we have to wait until Spring until we can huck it down the 1320. No matter, I look forward to spilling beer on it all Winter long in anticipation of race season.