Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We had a blast in Ashcroft this last weekend at the Langley Loafers "old time drags"  and actually managed to dial in the car a tad without too much hectic thrashing to distract us. We had a test & tune afternoon on Friday which was good to try a few new tweaking tricks before race day. The track prep was nothing short of outstanding with six second cars in the line-up to motivate the vht slingers. This translated into great traction for the first time ever with our Hurst pie crust slicks and a steady line-up of weekend warriors exploding their 12 bolt chevy rear-ends. At one point there was a line up of cars getting pushed off of the starting line. Weather was descent for the most part but insanely windy from every direction which reaked havok on everybody's dial-in.
 Two seats in a race car just makes sense. Welcome to the office.
 We ever so slowly ground through the weekend into eliminations on Sunday, where a class created for us (I'd like to think) was created, known as "straight axle". The class was small but we still managed to muscle our "Chubby Cobra" through the ranks. The finals found us paired off with an early '60s ghost ship Chevy van that just seemed to appear out of nowhere Sunday afternoon. an .086 light and half fender lead put us in the victory circle, taking our first win in the new car. Yeah us!! I suck at posting video but you can watch the victory run here.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Guess which straps are ours.

Weather looks like crap this weekend in Ashcroft but since we're kinda stupid and eager to race we'll drive over eight hours to find out for ourselves instead of listening to trained meteorologists. Buncha krak heads if you ask me...them not us.