Monday, July 29, 2013

Mission Old Time Drags

Well I'm officially still exhausted from our raucous weekend in Misssion B.C. for the  Langley Loafer's Old Time Drags this past weekend. This is our big outing of the year and as usual it did not disappoint in the least. The weather was perfect and the car behaved itself, clicking off consistent 11.1 passes @ 119 mph. The new motor is nothing short of mechanical art and people flock around the car in pits like flys to honey, making it a full time job explaining what the hell is happening in the land of altered wheelbase wagons. It's also fun to kick back and watch people walking by the car as they take time to try and pronounce "Chupacabra" before giving up and continuing on. 
We still have a bit of work to do in terms of chassis tuning, gear selection and some transmission tinkering but the program has a clear and decisive path that can only lead to faster e.t.s and bigger wheelstands. We had a tight crew throughout the weekend that consisted of the entire Babe's Automotive staff, so confidence was high when minor malfunctions arose (as they always do). 
Here you can watch a couple of great passes between me and our pal Steve Chase in his awesome '64 Merc pick-up. Steve is responsible for creating a straight axle specific class for us and we're forever grateful to him for lumping our wierd-ass race cars together with like minded people. I'll post more pics as they roll in but until then enjoy these videos shot by our own "Dangerous" Chris Carlson and be sure to crank the volume for maximum smile factor. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Torque Thrusts Baby

When we realized that our 29/10.5Ws mounted to the kidney bean wheels we had hoped to use were experiencing serious interference in the rear wheel openings and our old steel Cragars up front were noticeably out of round and uber heavy, we decided that some classic looking American Racing Torque Thrust "Ds" were just the solution.

Damn if we didn't nail that one.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Phoenix!!!!!!!

Rising from the ashes of a devastating shop fire comes the illustrious new race motor for El Chupacabra II. So you take one semi-retired 1964 413 stocker race block with every go fast trick known to man inside, then bore it .140 over and order up some one-off pistons to achieve 13:1 compression, then you may as well add a roller cam for good measure. Port some already heavily ported iron heads in order to match the intake orifices of a brand new cross ram from A&A transmissions. Hell, we may as well port that too in order to achieve larger that max wedge size ports. Top it all off with some custom built Edlebrock 750s and we have a serious combo. This is very much the Coles notes on what's been done to this motor but we need to keep some sectrests in the name of mystery

Here we have it with velocity stacks which will need some clearancing to work.

And K&Ns for the sake of longevity.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little Racing

We made it back to Thunder Mtn last weekend after a one year hiatus and it was great to see all the familiar faces and be able to flog our new combo at a mere 4500 feet above sea level. We scored some new Hoosier slicks but unfortunately ran out of time before heading out, so we were forced to run our old cheaters that gave us so much trouble last year. So it wasn't much of a surprise when they spun like crazy off the line all weekend long. We did manage to make some traction later in the afternoon when the track was well seasoned and followed by a massive "I have a tire sponsor" burnout. Best 60' was in the 1.63 range and our best e.t. was 7.42. We're in the process of ordering up some sweet Torque Thrust wheels to cover all four corners and we'll wrap the rears in 29x10.5W steam rollers. Say goodbye to traction issues. It was a good weekend over-all giving us an opportunity to really put some test passes down on the old Maxed wedge. This motor sounds and runs better than expected. Once the chassis is better dialed in this thing will be a serious contender.
Our next outing will be the long awaited Mission old time drags on July 27/28 and we're feeling like our shit is pretty tight. The goal is high tens with some wheels in the air action. Come out and see us in the pits, you might even get to meet my mom if you're lucky. She'll be the one trying to make you eat a sandwich and potato salad.