Thursday, November 7, 2013

Remember These?

I was feeling a bit nostalgic this morning so I decided to flip through some old pics. Can you believe El Chupacabra came from this beast? Not only that but I still had a carport before it was overtaken by snow load which ultimately lead to the fantastic garage that I have now. Thanks nature.

 Uh Oh!!!The consequence of this post crushing the roof of our car was also a blessing since it was rotted beyond repair from years of mouse piss deteriorating  all of the vertical supports. Everything happens for a reason.

The Monkees wish that they had a '64 Dodge altered wheelbase convertible wagon.

Mmmm rotisserie Dodge...I'll take mine medium rare.

Couple of dorks having a dork off with their new hoopty

 Then the standard issue "getting the bugs out" scenario which involves melting down a couple of tired big blocks before we sell our first born to buy....


Now you should be all caught up and ready for another stellar year of racing in 2014.
The track schedules don't generally come out until the new year but you will be the first to know when they do.