Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vegas Baby

 photo 20141225_185918_zpsg99exvgg.jpg

And without further adieu, It's the "Vegas Baby". Our chief maniac of the WOSN team (Chris) is heading to Vegas in the middle of March for a family wedding and since the "oh so famous Mopars at the Strip" race is happening a few short days later; he decided that it would be a brilliant plan to trailer the race car the scant 1250 mile journey so we can represent. This is where the whole "Vegas baby" thing comes into play. Chris and Ronni recently made themselves a cute little rug-rat and thought it would be important for the child's future to be exposed to a high profile drag race weekend before reaching 5 months of age. New parents rock. I decided that we would all continue to be friends if I flew down. I also decided to recruit a few friend to take the trek as well and help fly the banner of Wagons of Steel. I'm thinking that this will shape up to be an epic event and I'll try to post more once the cover comes off the car.