Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mission Bound

There hasn't been anything noteworthy to write about lately unless you really need to know that we repaired our transmission so that we can now use reverse. Or perhaps the 4* shims that we added to our front leaf springs to give us more caster and stray away from the "shopping cart effect". Is it also possible that if I didn't bring to your attention the fact that a new volt guage and reverse button lock-out have been installed you may just have to end it all!!! Alright, enough silliness. Tomorrow morning before the birds have risen, we will be venturing down to Mission for the Langley Loafers old time drags. It is the one event that we really try hard not to miss. Nothing short of a chockablock weekend full of good times, sick cars and great people. We got El Chupacabra all shined up and loaded this afternoon and won't know what we've forgotten until it's already too late. There's going to be a lot of this.