Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Shaky Video?

This was our last outing of the season and it was a bit of an ugly day. The forecast called for 5mm of rain and we foolishly still drove all the way to Osoyoos to get our final fix of adrenaline therapy. Fortunately the rain staved off for us and we settled for a strong headwind and (as usual) no traction. The good news is that nobody had traction so it was a level playing field. The starting line game became a fickle a balance of soft throttle tip in coupled with a slow brake release and some aged Gouda. Mmmm Gouda. Once we felt reasonably confident that we could work with these conditions we easily made it through the first round but by round two I actually hooked and despite a huge lift scrubbing 10mph from our speed we still broke out with a 7.20 on a 7.27 dial in. That's racing folks.

So in the off season there will be a lot of this happening. I'll do my best to give updates on maintenance and upgrades but I encourage you to keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment.

See you in the funnies