Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So Many Must Die!!

We will get to the general overview of what's to come shortly but for now, lets remove our caps and remember those cars that have been laid to waste and will never roll again thanks to our selfish needs of cobbling together an altered wagon. Victim #1 was a 1964 Belvedere wagon that was originally slated for the altered platform but was simply deemed "too crappy". We harvested her entire roof, hood, many dash bits and misc sheet metal.
Next came our van donor which is really essential in this operation. We got this A-108 of the '65-'68 variety from a local car hoarding freak after convincing him we would restore it. After he agreed to part with said wreck we loaded it before he could change his mind then he showed up when it was all in itty bitty pieces. Woops. That's what you get for not sharing!! This diamond in the rough gave up the all essential straight axle assembly; two very restorable van seats (as used in the Hemi and A-990 cars} an 8 3/4 rear end with 3.91 gears; a repairable steel battery box and some descent headlight rings and tail lights (bound for the swap meet)
This next one sort of gave me the chills since technically it is a factory light weight '63 Plymouth. I mean it's not an aluminum nosed, acid dipped car but all of these cars were really light from the factory and made excellent race cars. There also are not too many left. This one belonged to our pal Gaffo Jones at Wagons of steel and he gave his blessing to let sparks fly. This endangered Narwhal of the road gave forth two doors of the two door post variety and the subsequent B-pillar and attached rear side windows. This mortally wounding amputation was necessary in order to create a two door/post wagon. I'm going to auto hell.

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