Friday, November 19, 2010

Convertible Wagon?!?

In case there was any doubt whatsoever concerning our level of sanity, have a look at what we've done now. That's right, roof swap. There's no chopping going on here, just a straight up complete roof exchange from our friendly donor '64 Plymouth wagon. This roof is far from amazing but it's pretty much fried gold compared to the one that was on this car.

We also removed the steel dash to access the A-pillars and we test hung the new passenger door to see how it will fit. The body lines look great but since it is from a '63 Plymouth, the angle on the door pillar is wrong so we will have to use the frame sections from our four door doors and graft them onto the new doors. Nothing is easy about this project but I keep telling myself that the outcome will be outstanding...or hilarious. Either one works for me.

Here we see Graham painting some rust converter on the belly of the new roof. It's all quite heavily braced from when we removed it so it should have the right shape when it comes time for installation. I'm thinking that I will paint the inside while it's not in a cramped space over my face.

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  1. I'm sure everyone who passes through here just shakes their heads when they see whats happening...but I'm sure they're also stoked to see the final outcome of El Chup II.