Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Grand Scheme

So now that almost all of the parts have been sourced and collected for the project and the weather is turning to shit, it's time to make sparks fly and turn this meatloaf into Chateau Briand. The quick and dirty plan goes a little something like this. Chop 12" out of the middle of the car and make a precision cut across the whole rear section (not the roof silly) behind the spring mounts, keeping everything intact and rolling as one unit. Slide said unit forward to mate with the rest of the car. Install new floor pans and sub-frame connectors that will tie into the new floors. Prep the replacement roof from the Belvedere and swap out the old raunchy piece of crap. Brace the frame both front and rear so we can eliminate the inner fenders. Prep A-100 straight axle assembly and install. Test fit dummy block 440 for motor plate brackets. Do lots of body work both inside and out. Re-install windshield. Install 2 door doors and associated B-pillars and rear window surrounds. Make lexan templates from existing glass, preferably in blue. Install fuel cell and all related fuel system components. Rear mount battery with outside shut-off. Freshen up test mule 440 with low rise dual quads and install with new trans. Buy new drive shaft. Get pie crust slicks to install on the new 15x7 steelies that I just scored. Fire up motor and go racing. Did I miss anything? Probably tons but I feel like throwing up now that I look at the list all in one place. Will it be racing next Summer? Anything is possible but it probably won't be in finished paint, that's the last thing on my list (besides the hilborn injected 528) I think I should be able to bang off lots of this list this Winter. Most of it is just time and welding wire, so I just need to forget about having a life and go to town on this MoFo.

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