Sunday, November 28, 2010

Axle Inventory

I managed to organize, clean, inspect and Por-15 my axle component for both the front and rear of the car. I still need to dig out my front leaf packs and decide what the optimal stack will be. Our straight axle is in fine shape with tight king pins so nothing but a good wire wheel and paint was required. We welded a back brace from Mancini to our 8 3/4 rear axle housing that should eliminate any kind of flexing. We have our Moser 35 spline axles with Green bearings and have a built up center section with a full spool and 5.38 gears. We also have a set of true super stock springs on loan from our brothers at Wagons of Steel and a leaf spring relocation kit that will allow us to run wider slicks. None of this will be installed until the body is completely roughed together but it's good to have clean, organized parts for when we are ready to tackle it.