Saturday, November 27, 2010


It's not a mutt!! Just because it has four different vehicles poured into one doesn't make it a Heinz-57. Think of it more as a hybrid or a super-car, though those terms may already be used up.
Chris and I slaved last night to get the new (old) roof donated from our '64 Belvedere swapped onto our new platform. The swap went rather well considering the magnitude of the job. We took the time to test fit the windshield once the A-pillars were tacked in place and it fit great. We also took the opportunity of having the roof off to finish welding in the rest our frame extensions. We used 1/8 ga. 2x2 box tubing and formed 16 ga. sheet metal for the extensions which is way more than what the factory used.

I spent a few hours today making sure that everything was straight and stitching the new roof to the body until I ran out of shielding gas. I'll have to finish it up after the weekend. We also hung the driver's side door in anticipation of the next chore which will be simultaneously modifying the upper door frame ('63 door are different) and sectioning in the new B-pillar and rear side window sections.

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