Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So it Begins...

This site will be dedicated to building of a 1964 Dodge 330 wagon into a somewhat period correct altered wheel base match racer (awb from now on) . As far as I know this vehicle platform (re:wagon) was never built in the form of an awb car from the factory, so this is more or less a "what if they did build it" build. The time frame of this ingenious flash in the pan raged from late 1964 until the beginning of the 1967 season when altered factory frames where given up for ultra light weight tube chassis vehicles with fiberglass flip-tops.These are the vehicles that most people will associate with the "funny car" but the original moniker comes from these factory backed, yet mostly home built cars. The strongest influences for this tribute build will come from some of the heavy hitters of the day such as the "Ramchargers team"; Roger Lindamood in his "Color Me Gone" cars; Gene Snow's "Rambunctous"; "The Melrose Missile" and many, many more.
Our intention is to take our favorite traits of these cars and mold them into one fantastic and unusual wagon that will look killer, perform and take a brash beating whenever possible. Other influences, friends and mentors that are still kickin' it hard today include Steve Magnante, writer, model builder and awb aficionado; Richard Lefebre, aka: "The Performance King" who builds outstanding representations of these period correct cars; Bob Mosher; and finally "Wagons of Steel" without whom we wouldn't be racing weird-ass wagons to this day.

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