Thursday, November 25, 2010


Alright, so I'm sort of putting the cart before the horse here but when it comes to the key ingredients of this tribute build recipe there are certain things that have to happen. Injected or cross-ram hemi (maybe some day); nose high stance with five spoke wheels up front and weird painted steelies out back; obviously the sometimes awkward axle relocation with the straight axle up front (or relocated torsion bars like the factory did) and of course A-100 van seats with the drilled aluminum brackets.

I have to admit that I spent way too much money on the brackets and the production is sort of crap. I'm going to take them to a local fabricator and get him to build me six sets so I can pawn them off to other lunatics like me who are building a similar era cars. I chose the color combo of light metallic blue and off-white from our upholstery shop years ago and decided to go with my gut and stay the course. A wise decision. Wheeler's upholstery did a kick-ass job and even spent the extra time to do tuck and roll in the inserts.

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