Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mad Progress

Back from holidays and ready to rumble. Though a few more days swimming in the Caribbean wouldn't have been the worst idea. Now that there is paint down on the car we can start bolting down some parts that have been shelved for a long time and free up some shop floor space.

  We got the front brake system including the line lock, master cylinder and wheel cylinders all plumbed in with new steel and flex lines. Finding replacement drums for our van axle was looking like a futile chore but we remembered that the drums from my '67 Polara were also 11" so Chris excavated them out of a snow bank and turned them up on his lathe. We'll get that all assembled next week.

Next we finished welding in the eight point roll bar so the car is officially safe and hard to get in and out of. The front straight axle assembly and rear axle housing with super stock springs are all mounted in place and I made some aluminum straps to mount the fuel cell.

Visualizing this car go down the track this Summer is seriously motivating the project along. At this point there are around a dozen sub-projects that are happening simultaneously to achieve the final goal. It seems a bit confusing at times but being able to check big items off the list feels good. Our next big goal is to see the car off the rotisserie as a rolling chassis. It won't be long now.

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