Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Paint

I'm going on vacation to Jamaica tomorrow so we decided to pull out all the stops and try to lay down some final colour paint on the undercarriage, engine compartment, door jambs and interior. Getting to this stage has been frantic since there is always another patch to weld or more undercoat to chisel away but now that the paint has been applied there's no going back. (like we ever would) We prepped the shop as best we could with poly and buckets of water to soak down the floor in an attempt to minimize the dust. The in-floor heat just evaporated it in about ten minutes though. Regrettably, my poor exhaust fan was just not up to the task of keeping the fumes at bay so it was a fairly toxic environment to say the least.

 Chris laid down  the epoxy primer on Tues night and it pretty much went on like tarry undercoat. This morning I woke up with the birds and spent a good five hour shift spraying on two heavy coats of Chrysler Ivory off-white for some fairly descent coverage. Having the rotisserie is a real bonus for this kind of work and really allows access to every angle.

When I get back everything will be nice and cured so we can start plumbing in the fuel system and all of the brake lines. There is still a ton of body work in our future but being able to start putting new parts on the freshly painted carcass is awesome.

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