Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cheater Slicks

We just got our brand new cheater slicks from Hurst racing and they look killer!! Hurst racing is owned by a father/son team out of Oregon City that reproduce nostalgia racing rubber for hyper-enthusiasts like us. They are a small operation that treat every customer individually with professionalism and pride of craftsmanship. I spoke with the son Cody on the phone for nearly an hour and he turns out to also be a hard core Mopar dude. He comes by it honestly and told me the tale of how he was actually conceived in the back of a '64 nine passenger Polara wagon. We have no choice but to like him. Cody set us up with a set of pie crust 30x10x15 radial slicks, he threw in the cheater grooves and double buffed the sidewalls so you can't see the lettering from the donor carcasses.

We went ahead and painted up out 15x8 cop wheels with a twist on the traditional pie slice paint on black or half black and half body colour. The decision was made to do two opposing  pie slices to look something like an hour glass. I think the effect is achieved, now I can't wait to mount them on the car. It's little milestones like this that really help to push the motivation factor up. Seeing all of the pieces come together and eventually go to their respective homes on the car will be really gratifying.

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