Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's a Roller

Well we finally got the car off of the rotisserie today after finishing the fuel line from cell to pump and up to the new fuel rail that resides on our inner fender, using 1/2" aluminum line. We also strung our heavy guage power wire from back to front and finished plumbing the brake system which we in turn bled.

Now it's actually starting to look like a car again and we're beginning to empty boxes of shiny new items which is always really exciting. We installed our Calvert Racing nine way adjustable shocks as well today and started building  some of our steering components. This will be our next big Wednesday mission. Until then I will continue to prep the doors, then move onto the fenders that appear to still require some clearancing. Here you can see the driver's fender mocked up and it almost contacts the tire. We don't plan on running these tiny fronts so bigger rubber will definitely have an interference fit.

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