Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spring Mounts

Well, I just got in from the shop and it's freakin' 11:00 pm. We rounded up a good night of production on the beast and moved ever closer to the next phase of the project, at which stage I can give the shop a good cleansing and try to find all of my tools. There's nothing worse than a disorganized shop when your trying to get shit done and happen to be short on time and sometimes patience.

We finished fabbing up the brackets for the rear leaf spring relocation, mocked everything up in place then removed it all.

Then we connected the front axle to the leaf packs and bolted them together so it would be square for mounting. Next a "C" shaped spring hanger was made from flat stock and drilled for the center pin. This was then mounted to a simple yet strong triangular mount that was welded to the frame. The length of the un-shortened straight axle places the leaf springs just outside of the frame, so hangar extensions were required. In the front we will be using the off-set shackles that used to be on our factory leaf springs to compensate for this. Hopefully over the next couple of days I will get time to fab the mounts for the front but it was getting too late to delve into that tonight. It's really good seeing a straight axle under this car, it really looks at home and feels like solid progress.

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