Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well, we have officially delved into phase two of this build which will take us through completing the underside of the car into body colour. We are currently dealing with scraping off the factory undercoating which in conjunction with 45 years of road grime has turned into a special kind of mortar. It's a slow process but it needs to be removed before paint, plus we figure that we scraped off over 100 pounds from our other race car so it's a winning solution.

After painting the under side we will focus on running all of our steel brake and fuel lines. We will also deal with all of the lower portion body work while we are in rotisserie mode since it's so accessible. Finally, we plan to get the engine compartment and door jambs into body colour before we venture into phase three which will include a rolling chassis and start installing all of the mechanical and wiring. Body and paint are pretty much last on the list. This segment will seem somewhat boring since it will mostly entail countless hours of grinding, scraping, welding, repeat. With not much visual progress to report.

I managed to get the drivers side sub-frame connector welded in today as well as modifying the floor section where the seat will go in order to gain some head space. The connectors are slip fit into the rear sub-frame and welded to a 6" plate in the front as well as being tied into the new lowered floor. This set-up is tight and rigid.

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