Friday, January 28, 2011

Safety Last

 We've been hard at work lately trying to mould this chunk of vintage steel into something that will evetually be El Chupacabra II. For anyone who has ever built a car from the ground up, you will understand that it takes hundreds of hours to get the job done. Sometimes it's all about little victories, not unlike drag racing. If everyone went to the track under the impression that they would be the winner then there would be a lot of disappointed racers. Don't get me wrong, you should have a positive attitude and try to win...just don't expect it. We have successfully finished all of the cutting, moving braces, reinforcing and welding in the underhood area. Now we are back to focusing on the underside. Last night we took care of the drive shaft loop that is required for any car running slicks. It comes with a bunch of hardware to mount it to the floor but we decided that that's for people who don't know how to weld.

Here you can see a somewhat psychotic looking Chris and Graham chipping more undercoating. Does it ever end?

Next we moved onto the cab where we got a huge section of the new eight point roll bar system done. NHRA (No Hot Rods Allowed) requires us to have a fully welded 6"x6"  steel square plate located under every piece of pipe that doesn't attach directly to frame material. This usually means trying to shape a 1/8" piece of steel to a contoured floor. It's pretty fun I guess. The job is somewhat tedious since you have to weld a small portion then hammer down another inch, weld some more, hammer etc. We managed to get the main hoop and the rear braces fully welded in place as well as most of the bracing for the other half of the kit.

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