Saturday, January 8, 2011

Move Along...

...Nothing to see here. Although we have been hard at work on "Frankenwagon" (that name is only temporary), there isn't anything in the shop worth a good progress photo. I mean unless you like piles of steel shavings and undercoat and tools strewn everywhere. We have a number of different tasks in the works right now that are being accomplished somewhat simultaneously in order to get to our next phase of events involving the rotisserie. The rear leaf spring relocation kit is mostly installed; The front leaf spring mounts are nearly ready to hang in
place; sub-frame connectors need to be welded in; and we just got our roll bar kit that will seriously stiffen everything up when we tie it into the frame. So there's no lallygagging going on here. I've also been tending to the seemingly endless chore of welding in patch panels both inside and out. It's all for the greater good and every hour spent puts us that much closer to wheels up action.

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