Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Successful Thrash

 We had another great session racing at the dessert drag strip in Osoyoos last weekend. We conquered a few of our defects and made the car go it's fastest to date. As mentioned earlier, we were very traction limited with our 10" pie crust slicks so we decided to give them one more try with appropriate air pressure and nothing less than John Force style burnouts. Alas, we still managed to spin like crazy at the line. We brought our old M/T wrinkle wall slicks in case this was still a problem and we mounted them up for some test passes. The difference was staggering with a 3/10 increase in our 60' times and almost a half second faster in the 1/8th. Technology is stupid!!
 We managed to pull off a best 60' of 1.66 and a best e.t. of 7.43 @ 92 mph. We ended up putting down around 16 passes over the weekend, taking advantage of time only passes whenever possible. Our charging system seems to be back on line thanks to our new 105 amp alternator and super skookum 3 1/2 horse gas powered charging station that Chris cobbled together. We're still battling high temperatures and a shortage of reverse but the car is really coming into it's own. The driver is also getting a lot more comfortable behind the wheel cutting several back to back good lights. Don't get me wrong, it's still a scary beast that owns us every time we breath her back to life. The fact that we named this car after a mythical wild creature that drains the life force from it's prey becomes more prevalent every time I get behind the wheel.
The next race is June 8-10 in Ashcroft for the Langley Loafers old time drags including the straight axle shootout. I guarantee it'll be a ridiculous time for one and all.

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