Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Go Fast!!

Going to Spokane and dealing with a bushel of quirks that needed to be sorted out followed by a spun bearing felt like a right of passage. Earning our wings if you will. The next step was to sort out our issues and install our 11 second motor so we can see how things handle at speed. 
So we ventured to sunny Osoyoos last weekend for yet another flog but this time we felt a bit more prepared. Old reliable has a familiar sound that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. They only race on Sunday but we arrived Saturday night and volunteered a bit to get the track ready. The track officials then let us do a few test passes while they made sure all of the electronics were working for race day. 
Osoyoos has always been traction limited for us (and everyone else) and when we used to race the black wagon we didn't usually hook up until about 1:00 in the afternoon. Our pie crust slicks are a thing of beauty but are no match for an un-prepped airport/drag strip. Needless to say our first passes were slick and scary, spinning the hides well past the 60' mark yielding times from 8.72 down to 8.2 in the little eighth. Lack of charging and overheating were still giving us issues so we concocted a game plan for Sunday to push the car into staging and coast back to a down hill position to cool down for the next pass which worked like a charm.
We managed to widdle our 60' times down to as low as 1.88 and a best e.t. of 7.76 despite still never being able to hook up all day long. We managed to punch our way through the first round of eliminations as well but as we rolled in for round two we couldn't get the beast to run from lack of volts. Disqualified, with our tails between our legs we got a jump and leaned in for a time only pass. With a 7.77 dial in still pasted on the window I ran a 7.771, just .001 off my number. Insult to injury or a sign of good things to come? You be the judge.
We'll use our old wrinkle wall M/T slicks next time we're in Osoyoos and we plan to swap out the 2x4 low rise dual plane intake for our tested and true single four and 950 cfm Holley. The to-do list is becoming increasingly smaller and with a little tweaking we should be up for some half descent competition.
More pics and video to come as soon as they get sent to me.

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