Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Race Ready

Well we've been tweaking and tuning in anticipation for some of our bigger nostalgia meets this year and hopefully we'll be able to get all the bugs out before we trailer the car over eight hours to Ashcroft and Mission this Summer. We've taken a step back in time with our induction combo by reuniting "old reliable" and the the original intake and carb set-up that we put together for this motor. It's Mopar's M-1 single plane intake coupled with a 950 Holley double pumper that we've massaged with black magic and pixie dust. (Not just reserved for automatic transmissions) The combo always did us proud and also happens to fit under our hood. We also stepped up our charging system mith a modern GM mini alternator that seems to be well up to the task. Our trusty 5.38 gears are once again moth balled in favor of some 4.10s that should be pretty close to perfect in the quarter with our 30" tires. We repaired a small oil leak in our oil pan spacer and did a hot lash on the valves. Let's race bitches!!
We'll package up the entourage this Saturday for another trek down to Osoyoos for some traction-free eighth mile action. Our higher gear ratio may actually help us with our tire spin issue but we decided to bring our 29/10.5/15 M/T slicks in the back of the truck just in case.


  1. When are you guys coming to Mission?

  2. July 27-29 It's our most anticipated race of the season. You gonna make it? We love an entourage.

  3. Well hot damn....I'll be in Nelson of all places that weekend, we have a couple of shows in Cgar and Nelson. I really wanted to see that race. My neighbour Kevin has a 77 Vega that he races so I think he'll be out there that weekend.