Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Phoenix!!!!!!!

Rising from the ashes of a devastating shop fire comes the illustrious new race motor for El Chupacabra II. So you take one semi-retired 1964 413 stocker race block with every go fast trick known to man inside, then bore it .140 over and order up some one-off pistons to achieve 13:1 compression, then you may as well add a roller cam for good measure. Port some already heavily ported iron heads in order to match the intake orifices of a brand new cross ram from A&A transmissions. Hell, we may as well port that too in order to achieve larger that max wedge size ports. Top it all off with some custom built Edlebrock 750s and we have a serious combo. This is very much the Coles notes on what's been done to this motor but we need to keep some sectrests in the name of mystery

Here we have it with velocity stacks which will need some clearancing to work.

And K&Ns for the sake of longevity.

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