Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little Racing

We made it back to Thunder Mtn last weekend after a one year hiatus and it was great to see all the familiar faces and be able to flog our new combo at a mere 4500 feet above sea level. We scored some new Hoosier slicks but unfortunately ran out of time before heading out, so we were forced to run our old cheaters that gave us so much trouble last year. So it wasn't much of a surprise when they spun like crazy off the line all weekend long. We did manage to make some traction later in the afternoon when the track was well seasoned and followed by a massive "I have a tire sponsor" burnout. Best 60' was in the 1.63 range and our best e.t. was 7.42. We're in the process of ordering up some sweet Torque Thrust wheels to cover all four corners and we'll wrap the rears in 29x10.5W steam rollers. Say goodbye to traction issues. It was a good weekend over-all giving us an opportunity to really put some test passes down on the old Maxed wedge. This motor sounds and runs better than expected. Once the chassis is better dialed in this thing will be a serious contender.
Our next outing will be the long awaited Mission old time drags on July 27/28 and we're feeling like our shit is pretty tight. The goal is high tens with some wheels in the air action. Come out and see us in the pits, you might even get to meet my mom if you're lucky. She'll be the one trying to make you eat a sandwich and potato salad.

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