Thursday, December 30, 2010


Things have been a bit slower production-wise with the holidays and all but Mr. "Dangerous" Carlson and I did manage to squeak in an evenings worth of work last night. I got the new fenders ground down reasonably smooth and removed to be massaged and primed while we take care of reconfiguring the front end. We also got that pesky bumper out of the way and stashed behind the shop until after paint. Damn, that thing is heavy. I have a feeling that it's going to go on a diet before it's re-installed. We then stripped out the entire engine compartment, including all or the wiring and the power steering box. We will be making a custom mount for a manual box down the road. Then it was time to ditch the upper and lower control arms, drum brake assemblys, torsion bars, shocks and remaining steering components.

 This is how it looks all splayed out.

Short on materials for fabbing up the spring mounts we decided to call it a night and make a list of materials needed for our next thrash session and plan our attack for our straight axle install. We mocked up the axle and springs in their new position to see how much we will need to extend the frame horns. We will also be tying the two front frame sections together with box tubing for more rigidity since the K-frame will also be going by the way side.

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