Monday, December 6, 2010

Dash Retro-Fit

Well, I've been slaving away on welding all of the new (old) exterior body panels in place lately and Chris has been doing an excellent job with spot-weld drilling and panel hanging but there is still hours of stitch welding ahead of me before I give up a juicy update....So until then....

I thought we would have a dash panel interlude. In an effort to keep this car looking like a car, I wanted to incorporate my after market guages into the dash somehow. This model of 330 came with a full sweep speedometer, meaning that that section took up almost the whole dash cluster. I happen to have two other dashes in pod form that we got from our donor Plymouth and a '64 440 model that we parted out.

Here you can see what the original dash looks like compared to the one with the 2 5/8 guages that I installed. I severed the entire back of the pot metal housing and made an aluminum backing plate to nestle the new guages. I think the fourth hole will get a fuel pressure guage with an isolator, which is mandatory when routing fuel inside of your race car. I'm pretty happy with the outcome but the guages do seem a bit lost in the large openings. I would like to someday remedy this but for now it's functional and fairly stealth. I also sanded and painted all of my plastic dash peices so re-assembly will look tight.

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