Friday, June 27, 2014

Match Race!!!!!

We've officially thrown down the gauntlet to our class racing wagons of steel brothers from the American contingent. A stock vs altered; '64 Dodge vs '64 Plymouth; wagon on wagon showdown. weights are similar for the two cars, as is power but their behemoth is set on kill when it comes to chassis tuning for the highly competitive stock class racing that they sometimes enjoy, whereas our jalopy is set up like a hot rod shopping cart. The '64 Savoy, aptly named Britney Spears (so named during their drinking days) had better be wearing her big girl shorts cuz El Chupacabra is coming for her. This will be the first time these two heavy hitters line up against each other and the stakes couldn't be higher. No seriously, the loser buys steaks and probably near beer if memory serves. This race goes down July 11-13 at Pacific raceway for their Wild West Nostalgia weekend. The match bash will probably take place on the Friday for the test and tune evening so we can be sure that they won't try to sneak into a different lane to avoid a heads up race!!!

                                                We're coming for you Gaffo Jones!!!!!

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